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Virtual Conference | May 4th-5th,2023

Shades of Wellness: Celebrating the Basics While Inviting Differences and Innovation to the Field

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David F. Khalili


David Khalili, LMFT is a sex and relationship therapist, board-certified sexologist, and founder of Rouse Relational Wellness, a boutique group practice providing value-based sex and relationship therapy for marginalized folks located in San Francisco, CA. David holds master's degrees in Sexuality Studies & Counseling Psychology. David is a third-culture kid, with both parents immigrating at a young age. Being queer, multiracial, and raised Catholic and Muslim, David has a lived experience in the liminal space of identities. Scheduled for release in March 2023, David’s “Mental Health Workbook for Men” will be available internationally through Rockridge Press.

David F. Khalili

Day 2 Session 7A: Say You're Nervous: Reframing Sex Anxiety for Men

Session Summary

So many men face anxiety related to sex and relationships yet feel like they have to keep it silent or aren’t practiced in sharing their emotional needs. Social pressures make many men feel like they have to approach sex in a particular way, leaving them feeling shame if they need to go slow or want comfort. Bottling these feelings can lead to more anxiety, resentment, and anger. In this talk, David Khalili, licensed therapist and board-certified Sexologist, will share a sociocultural analysis of sex anxiety and what social and political influences impact men’s approach to sex and intimacy. Followed with a symptoms-first look at managing the nervous system and then a concrete look at guiding men to talk about their sex anxiety. This talk aims to help clinicians guide their male clients toward greater vulnerability and accountability for their emotions, needs, and desires.



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ClinicianFest is a 503c organization.  Proceeds from ClinicianFest are used to fund the co-pays of those in need of mental health services but unable to afford such services in their entirety. We partner with over 216 vendors, agencies, private practitioners, and community support programs to support aid in communities with scarce mental healthcare access and resources. To date, we have assisted over 1100 clients in getting the care and aid they need on their journey. 


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