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Virtual Conference | May 4th-5th,2023

Shades of Wellness: Celebrating the Basics While Inviting Differences and Innovation to the Field

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Dr. Kathleen Sarmiento


Dr. Sarmiento obtained her Doctorate of Social Work at USC & is a licensed mental health clinician. Dr. Sarmiento served as a co-chair for the Riverside County Suicide Prevention Coalition for 2 years. She currently volunteers on a CAMFT committee and is a CEPA Certified trainer through CAMFT & is also an ASIST Trainer. She has been passionately working in the Mental Health field for over 12 years now. She has extensive experience working with at-risk adolescents, couples, and families, crisis intervention, LGBTQ youth, and trauma. Dr. Sarmiento created and oversees the S.U.P.E.R. Peer Counseling Program™.

Dr. Kathleen Sarmiento

Day 1 Session 3A: Playing House: The Backdrop and Intersectionality of the Parental Helper Raising Family & Saving Lives

Session Summary

Starting and maintaining a practice means that we have to juggle and manage owning a business, from marketing and bringing in clients to budgeting on an unpredictable paycheck, to finding your niche, to doing the actual work of therapy. Many parents put their dreams on hold and don't realize you don't have to. This session hopes to inspire the "How" in having it all while decreasing the barriers of becoming the parental private practice practitioner. Let's talk about ways in which we can build a practice while raising a family and thriving in all roles in which you occupy. Therapy saves lives and we create safe spaces for our clients. Join me as we discuss how to extend ourselves the flexibility and freedom we need to care for ourselves and others.



  ClinicianFest By The Numbers 

ClinicianFest is a 503c organization.  Proceeds from ClinicianFest are used to fund the co-pays of those in need of mental health services but unable to afford such services in their entirety. We partner with over 216 vendors, agencies, private practitioners, and community support programs to support aid in communities with scarce mental healthcare access and resources. To date, we have assisted over 1100 clients in getting the care and aid they need on their journey. 


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