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Day 1

Discussion topic:
Ethically Building Your Social Media Presence

Dr. La Shawn M. Paul, DSW, LCSW-R

Owner and Mental Health Strategist, Social Work Diva

Dr. La Shawn M. Paul, DSW, LCSW-R is the founder and lead clinician of Social Work Diva, an online provider of therapy, clinical supervision, and mental health consulting. She is a New York State licensed clinical social worker and recognized by the National Association of Social Workers as an accredited social worker. Dr. Paul has a B.A. in Social Work and Political Science from Herbert H. Lehman College (City University of New York) and her M.S. from Columbia University in Social Work with a clinical specialization in School-Based, School-Linked Services. Her Doctorate in Social Work is from the University of Southern California with a focus on social innovation and change. 


In her senior year of high school, La Shawn lost a friend to suicide. In that moment, she decided to pursue Social Work so that she could help women of all ages see their value and strength in times of turmoil and uncertainty. As a mother of two boys, wife, and clinician, she understands the various challenges that modern women face as they juggle a multitude of roles and expectations, while simultaneously attempting to excel as their authentic selves. She is a firm believer that self-care is essential to holistic wellness and motivates her clients to practice self-care routinely to achieve work-life balance. 


Dr. Paul has provided consulting for an array of public and private healthcare and academic institutions in the NYC metropolitan area and remote locations throughout the United States. She is an Ambassador for the National Association on Mental Illness-NYC Metro Chapter and For(bes) for the Culture, where she advocates for improved funding and services for people living with mental illness and their families. Through Social Work Diva, she centers her mental health advocacy on eliminating mental health disparities in Black Women’s mental health by encouraging increased access and awareness. She also works with local politicians to shape and create mental health policy and initiatives to eliminate mental illness stigma and encourage support for mental health funding, particularly within communities of color.  

Throughout her academic and professional career, La Shawn has received a multitude of awards and honors including a NYS Proclamation from both the NYS Assembly and NYS Senate, COVID Heroes Award from the Office of Brooklyn Borough President, and the Emerging Leadership Award from the National Association of Social Workers- NYC Chapter. Her work in mental health has landed her on the HuffPost's list of "10 Black Female Therapists to Know" and she has been featured on various media outlets including Buzzfeed, Bustle, Fox5, Hot97, and USA Today. La Shawn is a catalyst of change and Social Work Diva is her vision realized. To find out more about Dr. Paul’s work and join her efforts, visit 


Courtney Kidd, LCSW

PhD Student, University of Edinburgh STIS & COO, Social Justice Solutions Inc

Courtney Kidd, LCSW received her MSW at Stony Brook University, her MRes at the University of Edinburgh in STIS and is pursuing her PhD there focusing on Affective Computing in Video Game Design. Her past research interests include how social work can better integrate technology, specifically social media, for traditionally hard to reach populations. In addition, Courtney believes that the implications for such research could produce an interdisciplinary approach to public health needs, education, awareness, and interventions on a global scale. Courtney formally was a social worker with the Department of Veteran Affairs, and has a strong background in trauma, military culture, and working with veteran populations. She is also the co-founder and chief operating officer of Social Justice Solutions, an online news and advocacy organization that seeks to bring social work to the forefront of research, policy, and politics.


Michael Fulwiler

Founder of Fulwiler Media

Michael Fulwiler is the founder of Fulwiler Media and former Chief Marketing Officer of the Gottman Institute. A sought-after advisor, strategist, copywriter, creative director, and digital marketer, he is also the author of Therapy Marketer, a popular weekly newsletter for therapists.


Sean Erreger, LCSW


Sean Erreger is a licensed clinical social worker in upstate, NY. He currently is a care manager for youth with over 15 years of direct practice experience. He also adjunct instructor teaching mental health policy analysis. He has also developed social media ethics and strategy trainings for social workers. 


Gary T. Taylor, LCSW

Owner of Uphold 31:8, LLC

Gary T. Taylor, affectionately known as Trey, is a resident of Caroline County, Virginia where he resides with his beautiful wife who is a teacher, Shauniece Taylor and amazing daughter, Aniah Taylor. Trey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (2020) and published author of “You Good Fam?’ and “Mental Health Keys”. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University (2011) and Master’s Degree in Social Work from George Mason University (2015). He has over five years experience in the field of Social Work and ten years experience in the field of Mental Health in a variety of different settings.. With that experience he has expanded his work to Consulting and Private Practice focusing on African-American Men, Stress Management, Mental Health Policy and Legislation, Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiatives. He also hosts a podcast called “Everybody, Relax” where he expounds upon these topics, weekly. Trey’s passion for change continues to fuel new, innovative and creative ideas to educate, reduce barriers and stigma around Mental Health and Social Work.


Dr. Unique C. Starks

Starks Foundation

Dr. Unique C. Starks is a New York native that creates action-driven initiatives for the advancement of under-resourced communities across the nation. Dr. Starks’ personal experience in a neighborhood that had limited resources and inadequate school systems exposed her to the dangers of social injustices that face communities that resemble her childhood. Equity and equality amongst disadvantaged communities became her purpose as she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from CUNY Brooklyn College, Master’s of Social Work from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University and possesses a Doctorate in Social Work degree from the University of Southern California. Dr. Starks’ life commitment to the betterment of systematically-deprived communities is reflected through her professional accomplishments.

An intimate look inside the lives of women and families who are coping with mental health, physical/sexual abuse, abandonment, dysfunctional family systems and community violence has inspired The Starks Foundation. This Foundation is a product of Starks’ 10 year experience in therapy, policy, advocacy, social justice and community outreach. She plans to utilize her experience to make tangible change to redistribute resources. Her connectedness to communities that lack representation locally and nationally is the source for her organization, advocacy programs and services.

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