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Virtual Conference | May 2nd-3rd, 2024

Trailblazing In Mental Health & Wellness:

The Horizons of Transformative Change In Care 

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Dr. Holly Sawyer


Dr. Holly Sawyer is the Director of the Masters in Addictions Counseling (MAC) program and Assistant Clinical Professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is a private practice practitioner where she helps professional Black women navigate microaggressions in the workplace by helping them find their inner power through assertiveness without using substances to cope. She also provides clinical supervision to those seeking licensure. She is also an author and national mental health public speaker. She’s been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bustle, Philadelphia's Fox News 29 and more.

Dr. Holly Sawyer

Day 2 Session 5B: The PEMSS Model and Defined Targeted Self-care

Session Summary

Targeted Self-Care: More than ever, people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to working longer hours, navigating the pandemic, and caring for self and others. We are experiencing some level of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and helplessness, etc. Self-care is important to maintain your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health. The PEMSS model is a holistic approach that focuses on five areas (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Social) and properly implementing applicable, direct self-care from any of these areas. Using this model will eradicate the challenge of identifying self-care behaviors that are effective for maintaining personal and professional well-being.


  • To better understand the PEMSS Model and define targeted self-care.

  • To identify untargeted self-care patterns and blocks to implementing targeted self-care.

  • To learn how to develop intentionally, targeted self-care with mindfulness.



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ClinicianFest is a 503c organization.  Proceeds from ClinicianFest are used to fund the co-pays of those in need of mental health services but unable to afford such services in their entirety. We partner with over 216 vendors, agencies, private practitioners, and community support programs to support aid in communities with scarce mental healthcare access and resources. To date, we have assisted over 1100 clients in getting the care and aid they need on their journey. 


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