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Meet the Presenters

Brandon Johnson, MHS, MCHES

Session Title:
Creating Healing Through Comprehensive Suicide Prevention

Summary: The conversation all mental health practitioners must grow comfortable tackling with intention. Suicide prevention is a layered, complex, but necessary skillset in the field. This session will embrace the motivation to create healing, awareness, and knowledge sharing when address suicide prevention.

Facebook: The Black Mental Wellness Lounge 
Instagram: @blackmentalwellnesslounge
Twitter: @branjjohnson1 


Dr. Gina Griffin, DSW, MSW, LCSW

Session Title:

Technology, Data Justice, and the Impact on Our Communities

Summary: Learning Objectives are to learn the hidden costs and benefits of technology in our communities.  What we need to be aware of so that we can help our communities.

Social Media Handle: @TheGinaGi 

Dr. Jamaal Fortner

Session Title:

The Traveling Clinician: Taking Your Talents Where Needed

Summary: The untold experience of the traveling clinician during peak period of high demand for our expertise in the field. Learning Objectives are to learn the hidden costs and benefits of technology in our communities.  What we need to be aware of so that we can help our communities.


Instagram: @officialdocj

YouTube: OfficialDocJ


Dr. Deborah Villanueva, DSW, LCSW

Session Title:

Latinas Supporting Latinas In The Field of Mental Health

Summary: No culture is a monolith. Understanding the differences and nuances is critical to offering clients culturally-appropriate care. Similarly, having clinicians that reflect the population they serve and who are part of that community is critical. This session will focus on that crucial component of culturally-focused care by addressing ways Latina/e, Hispanic clinicians support Latina/e, Hispanic women in their community. The session will address what it means to be part of community? How is culture expressed? And, how are power dynamics addressed within the clinical setting? Latinas supporting Latinas adds a much needed dimension to providing mental healthcare to Latina/e, Hispanic women and building inclusive spaces for these Latina/e, Hispanic clinicians. 


Dr. Orlando Wright, LCSW-C

Session Title:

Care Measured: Turning patient-reported data into valuable clinical insights

Summary: The Challenge - Using scientifically validated screens should be integrated into our clinical work. Patient-reported outcomes have many benefits. However, they are often used at intake and quickly forgotten. Even more concerning, this information is not integrated into care delivery and quality improvement. The Fix- The objective is to provide and integrate learning using patient-reported outcomes. We posit that this learning is an important value for the therapist, client, and overall quality of care. To accomplish that end, we simplify the collection of screening data using easy-to-use applications, data visuals, and integrated dashboards.


Social Media:

Link Tree:


Richelle Richards, MA

Session Title:

Seeking Validation; A look at how Art-Therapy-based initiatives work in elevating mental and emotional health within Businesses and Organizations

Summary: This Arts-Therapy based approach uses artistic forms and expressions to explore, understand, and even challenge human experiences within organizations. This presentation will discuss issues associated with mental health and will also explain how important creative thinking is in initiating and sustaining strategies to promote mental health best practices within organizations.


Instagram: @caf.bda 

Facebook:  Caf.bda

Linkedin:  Richelle Richards 



Dorothy Handfield, eDD &
Nicole Alston, MSW

Session Title:

The Implement Grief Counseling for low

socio-economic status Black K-12 students

Summary: Attendees will discuss ways school-based

clinicians can change the narrative on how to address

and implement grief counseling for low socio-economic

status Black K-12 students.


Dr. Dorothy C. Handfield

Instagram: @consultingdch       

LinkedIn: Dr. Dorothy C. Handfield, BCBA 

Nicole Alston

Instagram: @ok2grieve

 LinkedIn: Nicole Alston, MSW


Crystal Rozelle-Bennett, LMSW

Session Title:

I’m Not Giving Back My Black: The Battle Against Racial Battle Fatigue

Summary: Professor Alvin Poussaint described the cumulative impact of microaggressions as death by a thousand nicks. What might seem small and insignificant can become ingrained into the very fiber of one”s being, causing the body to live in a constant state of alert. This constant state of hyperarousal can lead to depression, anxiety-related symptoms, diminished psychological wellbeing and ultimately impact one's physical health. During this presentation, Crystal will share her personal experiences with internalized oppression and the fight to overcome racial battle fatigue. Participants will engage in techniques for healing and recognize the importance of safe spaces and brave spaces for communities to transform and begin the healing of racial trauma.




Instagram:  @thryvellc



Session Title:

Kink in Clinician: Intersections of Sex-Positive Kink for Clinicians

Summary: Too often, sexuality therapists and professionals make assumptions about individuals in kink communities and are unable to conceptualize some of the identity and behavioral nuances that exist within this special population. Because of the lack of awareness, some therapeutic practices may be misguided, ill-informed, and possibly injurious to clients who experience kink expression and identity as a means of affirmation and liberation. Participants are invited to increase their sex-positive capacity while expanding their knowledge on the implications of sex and kink positivity; develop skills to facilitate engagement in kink with safety, consent, and pleasure; and discuss how clinicians may serve as a resource and support to kinksters of color.


Instagram:  @honestlynae and @MAITHerapyservices


Brianna Baker

Session Title:

Intersectional Approaches to Self and Collective Care for Mental Health Professionals

Summary: This presentation shall frame self- and community-care as liberatory and resistance practices for BIPOC mental health professionals. Under this perspective, self-care is not a thing you “do”, but rather a way you think, live, and experience the world through a commitment to self and humanity.

Twitter: @BriannaABaker

Instagram:  @BecomingDrBaker 

YouTube:  Becoming Dr. Baker

Mychelle Williams, LPC, NCC

Session Title:

Showing Up As Your Best Authentic Self: A Letter To The Private Practitioner

Summary: No matter who you are there is a client that seeks to connect with you. From pink hair, tatooes, ironed cardigans, to a potty mouth, clients are looking to connect and relate to someone who enters the arena authentically.


Instagram: @queerblacktherapist

TikTok: @queerblacktherapist

Twitter: @ablackhealer



Nicole Jackson
(environmental educator, birder, nature coach)

Session Title:

Black Women in Nature – Fostering A Healing Connection

Summary: More Black women are finding healing in the outdoors. My proposed presentation focuses on increasing the awareness of the benefits of connecting to nature and it's impact on Black women's mental health and well-being. This fostered connection or reconnection is creating opportunities for improved self-awareness, knowledge of natural systems, and sense of place.

Twitter: @wildlifegirl09

Instagram:  @nicky.j10

Tiarra McKinney MA, LPC, NCC

Session Title:

Examining Retraumatization by Film with a Focus on Racial Trauma

Summary: The brain processes stimuli from a movie, the way it would as if it were happening in present time. When watching a film, one consciously has to tell their brain that it is just a movie or show (Zacks, 2015).  When coupled with watching a film that has potential to retraumatize, it can have profound effects. Especially, regarding racial trauma. This presentation bridges the gap between retraumatization by film and racial trauma and how therapists can provide culturally competent treatment regarding this phenomena. 


Instagram: @therapywithtia

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