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Virtual Conference | May 2nd-3rd, 2024

Trailblazing In Mental Health & Wellness:

The Horizons of Transformative Change In Care 

Sarah Workman

Sarah Workman is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern at a local high school and in private practice. Sarah has special training and certificates in Nutritional Psychiatry, ADHD Coaching, Gut Health and Nutrition, and the treatment of eating disorders. A licensed attorney and a Certified Family Mediator, Sarah has spoken at national and international conferences on the topics of perinatal mental health and coercive control. Sarah is the author of It Just Got Real, published by Praeclarus Press, and the creator of the nationally recognized SISTERMoms, a New Mother Mentorship Program. Sarah holds a Master of Social Work from Florida State University, a JD from the University of Miami School of Law, and a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan. Sarah loves music, stories, and nature, and lives with her four children in Sarasota, Florida.

Sarah Workman

Day 1 Session 1B - Gut Feeling: Integrating Nutritional Concepts into Psychotherapy Practice

Gut Feeling: Integrating Nutritional Concepts into Psychotherapy Practice

This presentation is tailored for mental health professionals seeking to explore the extraordinary impact of nutritional psychiatry on the treatment of mental health symptoms. Attendees will participate in discovering the intricate relationship between diet and mental well-being, gaining insights into the specific nutrients that play pivotal roles in supporting cognitive function and emotional stability. Supported by compelling research evidence, this presentation talk emphasizes the value of incorporating nutritional interventions alongside traditional mental health treatments.

Collaborative care approaches will be explored, showcasing the potential for nutritional psychiatry to complement existing mental health treatments. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how patient education and empowerment can actively engage clients in their mental wellness journey. The presentation will also address potential barriers and challenges, equipping mental health professionals with tools to critically evaluate and overcome obstacles in implementing nutritional psychiatry interventions.

Overall, this presentation aims to empower mental health professionals with knowledge and skills to enhance the comprehensive care they provide, promoting holistic mental well-being for their clients.


Need CEU Credit for Attending?

Don't forget to complete your Session evaluation to receive your CEU credit.  The deadline to complete the evaluation is May 11, 2024.


  ClinicianFest By The Numbers 

ClinicianFest is a 503c organization.  Proceeds from ClinicianFest are used to fund the co-pays of those in need of mental health services but unable to afford such services in their entirety. We partner with over 216 vendors, agencies, private practitioners, and community support programs to support aid in communities with scarce mental healthcare access and resources. To date, we have assisted over 1100 clients in getting the care and aid they need on their journey. 


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