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Virtual Conference | May 2-3, 2024

Trailblazing In Mental Health & Wellness:

 The Horizons of Transformative Change In Care 


ClinicianFest 2024 is an open Mental Health Wellness Conference inviting proposals for live virtual sessions to be held on May 2 -3, 2024. This year’s theme is Shades of Wellness: Celebrating the Basics While Inviting Differences and Innovation to the Field. Proposals are enthusiastically welcomed by clinicians, practitioners, counselors, innovators, and allies to the mental health field who share an interest in elevating aid and promoting wellness to those in need of mental healthcare. This field is filled with transformative thought leaders who understand meeting our clients where they are. This year we are highlighting innovative approaches and techniques and celebrating the myriad ways to promote wellness.

The deadline for proposal submissions is November 30, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. Proposal notifications will be delivered by January 6, 2024.


The 2024 ClinicianFest Conference will focus on the many ways the mental health community can take action to advance dialogues in rendering aid. We are working to promote embracing the supportive foundational practices of the field’s teachings without discounting new age approaches and philosophies on supporting mental health wellness.

This call for proposals is looking for field partners to move forward and act in concrete ways
that make mental health practice more accessible, affordable, equitable, and inclusive to everyone regardless of their background, experience, or level of access to resources.  ClinicianFest is our cross-discipline platform that looks to merge understanding to join forces with our diverse talent pool in the field of wellness to champion the current demands of mental
health care.

This year, organizers encourage conference attendees to “Rise to Action” whether they’re at the start of their practice or are already established in the field. Emphasis will be placed on conversations that span learning how to engage today’s landscape while working through a lens of care and equity, taking action to advance treatment access and be open minded about modernized approaches in the field of mental health practice.

Session Types

Poster Sessions

Asynchronous Format

The Poster Session format is an opportunity to showcase multi-format, asynchronous content ranging from formal research poster submissions to blog posts, video series, or modules. These will be showcased throughout the “commercial breaks” of the conference and the promotion of ClinicianFest 2024. 


Live • 40 or 55 min

Discussion sessions provide space to engage participants in an exchange of ideas or experiences. These sessions should be interactive and allow for multiple voices to be heard, whether it is structured as a panel or as a conversation with the audience. Proposals should address both the topic and how the session will be facilitated.


Live • 40 or 55 min

Live presentations are delivered during the conference and can include audience interaction.

Proposals should address how the session will engage participants, in addition to reserving at least 5 minutes for questions.

Proposal Requirements

  • Abstract Requirements: Proposal abstracts will be used as the public description session in the conference program. Abstracts should be 400 words or less and written in English. In-text citations are not required. A brief bio and photo of all presenters must
    be submitted for utilization of conference promotion via social media and mailers.

  • Submission Limit: Each individual may be listed as a presenter or author on a maximum of 3 proposals.

  • Correspondence: The person who submits the proposal is the primary contact and is responsible for all communications and coordination on behalf of all co-presenters

  • Technology: All sessions will be held via Live Webinar. Live session types will have presenter screen sharing, live chat, and automatic captions. All videos will be captioned.

  • Breakout rooms are available upon request for presentation and discussion session types only.


  • Scheduling: The conference is based in North American time zones and welcomes
    worldwide participation. Accepted presentations with large time differences will be prioritized in the scheduling process.

Key Deadlines


Join The Movement

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