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Virtual Conference May 4th-5th,2023



ClinicianFest is a collective gathering of clinicians whose sole purpose is to advance all fields within mental health and wellness practices, respond to the challenge of building mental resilience in the populations we serve, and drive forth knowledge about mental health and treatment to an increasingly aware public.


It provides a single platform for mental health professionals across all industry and field disciplines - Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Licensed Professionals, Counselors, Trauma Centered Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers, Nutritionists, etc. - to share knowledge, engage with, and educate each other to heighten our capabilities as practitioners and better care for our populations.


ClinicianFest recognizes that there is power in sharing, celebrates the ability to share our collective thoughts, education, and experiences to bring forth the best and innovative care to serve our populations.  


Mental Health & Wellness Practitioners AND Allies face many challenges in their day-to-day practices and service delivery.


Current times and events have advanced the public’s understanding of mental health trends and how our talent as clinicians, practitioners, and providers, is a highly essential societal need.

From the pressure of making sure people get the help and care they need to working to overcome the stigma of reaching for needed support, mental health care is in high demand – but how ready are we to champion the incoming surge of requests? 

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