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DJ Berry B

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DJ Berry B


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DJ / MC Berry B is a musical product of the birthplace of Hip Hop, The

Bronx, New York.

As a pre-teen growing up during the real-time evolution of spinners

and emcees, his ear for music was groomed through his love for the

works of Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick, Heavy D, Queen Latifah & Spoonie Gee.

The "Goodberry/Badberry" toted his black & white composition book of

rhymes everywhere. This led Berry B to use his made-for radio MC voice

competing in various local rap battles before winning school district

and city-wide competitions. Most notably Dr. Bob Lee & WBLS-FM's "Break

The Graffiti Habit" Contest with a five-boro-wide battle at The Famous

Roxy in NYC.

During his budding collegiate days in Buffalo, New York, Berry B

earned extra money for wings on his meal card by spinning at local

clubs like The Squeeze, The Continental & The Touch Of Class. He also

wrote and performed promotional intros for the top hip-hop DJs for

WBLK-FM. In the latter '90s, Berry B and two of his childhood

friends/AAU basketball teammates founded the upscale party

promotion company Trilogy Entertainment Inc. in 1997. Decades later, the Trilogy Music Machine is still known for creating one-of-a-kind

experiences, including eclectic parties, destination cruises, & exclusive

getaways working alongside many nationally famed musicians &

comedians. At Trilogy events, Berry B was always on double duty. Months of planning and promoting events always lead to his love for

using his golden mic voice to greet all guests while working his

ability to spin the hits for crowds of all sizes.

Berry B represents a brand of DJs that are armed with the fiber of a

Bronx upbringing in music that qualifies him to be a timeless musical

tastemaker. Consider him one of the originators with a record lineup

that can range anywhere from old-school soul R&B at auntie's card

party, to the latest Hip-Hop during prom season, while still knowing

just the right vibes to match a tux at a classy wedding reception. Best

believe his pivot game is strong enough to still rock a backyard bbq

with a spin of the vinyl all within hours of each other! Berry B can

make any function the place to be.

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