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Dr. Camille T. Jones


Dr. Camille T. Jones


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Dr. Camille Adams Jones stands at the forefront of mental health and organizational wellness as a distinguished social worker, behavioral scientist, and the visionary founder of the annual ClinicianFest conference. With an illustrious career dedicated to advancing workplace wellness and organizational health, Dr. Jones has become a beacon of resilience and innovation in the field.

At the heart of her professional journey, Dr. Jones has masterfully combined her roles as a therapist, consultant, and executive coach to address the nuanced needs of individuals, families, and organizations across various sectors. Her profound impact was notably demonstrated during her tenure as the director of a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for a major organization, where she spearheaded transformative strategies to support employees and leaders during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jones's commitment to fostering healthy work environments is further evidenced through her bespoke Coaching & Advisory Services. Here, she employs her deep understanding of behavioral science to enhance leadership performance, team dynamics, and organizational culture. Her tailored offerings, including Executive Coaching, Change Management, and Wellness Workplace Workshops, reflect her holistic approach to building psychologically safe and performance-oriented workplaces.

As the CEO of ChartumJones Therapeutic Services, Dr. Jones leads a team of skilled professionals in delivering a comprehensive suite of mental health services. This includes innovative Employee Assistance Programs, Chemical Dependency Assessment & Treatment, Family Planning & Court Services, and Employee Engagement initiatives. Through these programs, Dr. Jones has championed the integration of mental wellness into the fabric of organizational life, promoting a culture of support, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Jones has made a significant impact on societal well-being through her literary work. Inspired by her experiences in court mediation, she authored "The Divorced Land of Sam's: Sam Has Two of Everything Now," a compassionate exploration of divorce's effects on children, further showcasing her commitment to addressing mental health challenges across all ages.

As the host of the 2024 ClinicianFest, an international, two-day virtual event designed for clinicians, allies, and mental health professionals, Dr. Jones is set to bring her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to a global audience. Her leadership in organizing this pivotal conference underscores her dedication to enhancing the collective expertise of mental health practitioners worldwide, fostering a community of learning, sharing, and growth.

Dr. Camille Adams Jones's career is a testament to her transformative influence on workplace wellness and mental health advocacy. Her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to well-being make her an exemplary figure in the quest for healthier, more resilient communities and organizations.

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