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Nicole L. Turner

The Culture Pro™

Nicole L. Turner


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Nicole has transformed many organizations, in various industries which has all contributed to her subject matter expertise of navigating change by creating people-centered organizational cultures. Her clients have seen a higher level of productivity, employee engagement, morale, inclusiveness and belonging, customer satisfaction, and an increase in profits. Nicole is known as The Culture Pro™ because she is able to transform organizations by assessing the culture, diagnosing problems, and implementing a variety of interventions designed to drive tangible actions.  Nicole L. Turner holds graduate degrees in Education and Business, has a graduate certificate in Diversity Studies, and is a certified Human Capital Strategist, Strategic HR Business Partner, and a Prosci-certified Change Manager, and an Executive Coach. Nicole is also a Diversity Value Index Judge. As a judge, Nicole uses defined metrics and benchmarks to assess how organizations are implementing Diversity and Inclusion programs and leveraging those programs to create business impact.

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