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The countdown to ClinicianFest has officially begun!

Next month, on May 6th and 7th, we’re bringing a dynamic lineup of wellness activities, guest speakers, and panel discussions to a home office near you. The virtual experience, customized to foster the ambitions of real clinicians, could be the push you need to get prepared for the post-Covid client surge. Register today for access to more than (#) of professional development opportunities over the course of just two days.

On day one, ease into the summit with a calming 8 am stretch led by Ajeenah Abdul, owner of Twists and Turns Fitness in Washington, D.C. Then at 9, join other attendees for a welcome from private practitioner, author, and public servant, Dr. Camille T. Jones, executive coach, diversity value index judge, and certified human capital strategist, Dr. Nicole Turner.

Check out the summit schedule and reserve your place for in-depth discussions on field-relevant topics: self-care for clinicians, personal branding, counseling during a pandemic, providing care to underserved communities, and much more.

Meet ClinicianFest's keynote speaker, Dr. Roz Aker-Black. Dr. Roz is an award-winning psychologist with over 14 years of experience providing psychological services in the public and private sector. She works as a professor while simultaneously gaining popularity as a consultant for several media outlets. She is a highly sought-after advice columnist, public speaker, and podcast host discussing practical relationship functioning, human trafficking, intimate partner violence, and organizational behavior management to name a few areas of expertise. As if all of that is not remarkable enough, Dr. Roz’s presentation “Surviving Betrayal” was featured at the 2019 Tedx U Street Women’s Conference.

On day 2, choose from another set of thought-provoking sessions by some of the nation’s most versatile mental health clinicians. For Session 1, explore organizational culture with the Culture Pro or learn the basics about private practice with Dr. Wendy Thelese Talley. Attendees have the opportunity to take a deep dive into topics of interest or explore a range of subjects. But whatever you do, be sure to tune in Friday night for our special guest speaker.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to become a part of the ClinicianFest network. Get your all-access pass today at


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