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Kim L. Knight

MBA, MS, LMHC, Co-Founder

Kim L. Knight, MBA, MS, LMHC is Licensed Mental Health Counselor, speaker, author and successful business owner who has been in the helping profession for 20+ years. After years of working in the healthcare industry in various roles from leadership to sales, she decided it was time to fulfill her passion of helping others and made the decision to return to school to become a mental health therapist. This change in career gave Kim the unique opportunity to combine both her knowledge of business and her desire to help others and after years of education and experience has since established her own group private practice, where she and her staff of 10+ provide quality therapy to clients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health issues. She is deeply committed to advocating for mental health awareness and access to mental health care in marginalized communities and is committed to helping to fight the stigma of seeking mental health services. She regularly gives talks and workshops on mental health and cultural competence to community organizations, mental health professionals and those interested in learning more about the benefits of therapy.

In addition to her thriving practice, Kim is also co-founder of an organization, Clinicians of Color, LLC (COC), where she utilizes her business expertise to help other BIPOC therapists realize their dreams of starting and growing a private practice. COC is an organization founded on the principles of centering the unique needs of BIPOC therapists by providing them with guidance, support and access to resources and trainings that can help them achieve success not only as clinicians but also as business owners. COC is also dedicated to making it easier for the public to find diverse mental health support which led to the creation of an online directory.

Kim remains committed to being a strong advocate in the mental health field and wants to continue spreading the word by educating others on the importance of seeking help when needed without stigma or shame. She wants to lead by example and believes that the more people speak out and challenge the stereotypes of seeking therapy, the closer we can move toward normalizing what it means to take care of one's mental health.

Kim L. Knight
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