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Virtual Conference | May 2nd-3rd, 2024

Trailblazing In Mental Health & Wellness:

The Horizons of Transformative Change In Care 

Tracyavon Ford


Tracyavon Ford, LCSW-R, is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, and owner of T. Ford LCSW Consulting Services PLLC. This private practice provides various holistic mental health and wellness services, including consultation, clinical supervision, and training. Her passion is to empower those she works with by using trauma-informed mindfulness practices that guide reflection, and release and promotes resiliency.

Tracyavon  Ford

Day 2 Session 4B - Beyond Self-Care: The CE-CERT Model for Secondary Trauma and Burnout

The workshop aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the CE-CERT model, a cutting-edge approach designed to address Secondary Trauma and Burnout in high-stress environments. By exploring practical strategies and fostering self-awareness, this workshop empowers individuals to build resilience, enhance well-being, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Comprehensive Understanding of Secondary Trauma and Burnout:

Define and differentiate between Secondary Trauma and Burnout.

Recognize early warning signs and risk factors.

Introduction to the CE-CERT Model:

Explore the components of the CE-CERT model.

Understand the theoretical framework and evidence-based principles.

Assessment and Self-Reflection:

Engage in self-assessment to identify personal vulnerabilities.

Reflect on the impact of secondary trauma and burnout on professional and personal life.

Building Resilience Through Coping Strategies:

Learn effective coping mechanisms to manage stressors.

Cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion techniques.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries and Self-Care Practices:

Develop strategies for setting and maintaining boundaries in a demanding work environment.

Implement practical self-care routines to support mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Effective Communication and Peer Support:

Enhance communication skills for expressing needs and seeking support.

Foster a culture of peer support and teamwork within the workplace.

Implementing the CE-CERT Model in Practice:

Discuss case studies and scenarios to apply the CE-CERT model.

Develop personalized action plans for integrating the model into daily practice.

Sustainability and Ongoing Growth:

Explore long-term strategies for sustaining well-being and resilience.

Cultivate a growth mindset to navigate future challenges.

Target Audience:

This workshop is designed for professionals working in high-stress environments, including but not limited to healthcare providers, first responders, social workers, educators, and mental health practitioners.


Need CEU Credit for Attending?

Don't forget to complete your Session evaluation to receive your CEU credit.  The deadline to complete the evaluation is May 11, 2024.


  ClinicianFest By The Numbers 

ClinicianFest is a 503c organization.  Proceeds from ClinicianFest are used to fund the co-pays of those in need of mental health services but unable to afford such services in their entirety. We partner with over 216 vendors, agencies, private practitioners, and community support programs to support aid in communities with scarce mental healthcare access and resources. To date, we have assisted over 1100 clients in getting the care and aid they need on their journey. 


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