Meet the Panelists

Day 2

Discussion topic:
Reframing Mental Health within Black and
Brown Communities

Chantee Christian

Chantée Christian, CEO of My Best SHIFT, is a 2021 Northern Virginia 40 under 40 honoree. Chantée is an Amazon International Best-Selling Author. She is transformational management consultant with nearly two decades of experience in Program/Project Management, Organizational Change Management, and Strategic Planning. As a certified facilitator, Chantée has developed and delivered various forms of training and engagements for a wide range of multi-leveled staff and senior officials. With her experience and skills, Chantée created My Best SHIFT, which empowered her to present an innovative and distinct perspective to advocacy, learning and development, leadership development, organizational change management, organization development, and program/project management. Leading by example, executing with integrity, and implementing their values in all aspects of life. My Best SHIFT strives to be relatable and walk it like they talk it! The latest addition to what Chantée dubs as her credential alphabet soup is her Strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Certificate from Georgetown University. This program gave her the opportunity to work with a Fortune 500 company to create an innovative DEI terminology-based training module that focused on Evolving DEI Language and Having Difficult Conversations Surrounding Race. 


Dr. Joni J. Johnson, MD, NBC-HWC

Joni Johnson, MD is a Pediatrician and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with over 12 years of clinical experience exclusively supporting individuals with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, mood disorders and behavior problems.  Dr. Joni is also a retired Army Colonel, disabled veteran, author, public speaker, entrepreneur and an individual with Dyslexia and a Visual Convergence Insufficiency.  As the founder of UnCharted Territory LLC, Dr. Joni serves as a Health Consultant and Empowerment Strategist working with individuals seeking to discover underlying causes for difficulties in home, work, school, and social environments.  She provides a roadmap for navigating support services and overcoming obstacles related to treatment plan adherence.  Additionally, Dr. Joni’s coaching practice focuses on three areas of health and wellness which include Empowerment, Balance, and Inclusion. 

Dr. Joni received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy at West Point and her M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  She has received the Executive Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching and the Executive Certificate in Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management both from Georgetown University. 


Dr. Joni’s mission is to help you become empowered by your struggles as she has been empowered by her own.  


Ronald Jones

The founder and principal consultant of DareIILead (pronounced Dare To Lead), Mr. Ronald Jones is a leadership facilitation company where the focus is to combine an individual’s education, experience, and exposure and use them to elevate the individual to exceed their expectations. Since the founding of DareIILead in 2009, he has trained, coached, and mentored facilitators, coaches, educators, and students to propel our next generation of leaders into their purpose and create an inspiration to lead, achieve, succeed, and serve. His educational background is in psychology; with experiences ranging from academia, non-profits, and leadership development; and marrying the aforementioned with exposure to different fields.  He has helped organizations and individuals activate their potential, capitalize on their circumstance, and maximize the moment for success by shifting the focus from obstacles to opportunities.


Dr. Alfred J. Amado, PhD, NCSP

Alfred J. Amado, PhD, NCSP, is the founder and CEO of Behavioral & Educational Solutions, PC
(BES) where he oversees business development, operations, and financial expansion of a behavioral and health services consulting company engaged in clinical service delivery and government contracting.


Dr. Amado received his doctoral degree in School Psychology from Texas A & M University where he specialized in child-clinical psychology and serving at-risk populations. He has over 20 years experience providing comprehensive psychological services in the school, community, medical, forensic, and university settings. He is a Licensed Psychologist in Maryland and Washington, DC. Postdoctoral training includes separate fellowships from Johns Hopkins University, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the University of Miami. He served one year as an American Psychological Association Congressional Fellow on the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor, where he provided expertise on policy related to child abuse prevention, juvenile justice, student support services, and the impact of immigration enforcement on families, children, and communities. Prior to working in Congress, he served on the faculty in the School Psychology Program at the University of Maryland’s College of Education where he researched the impact of acculturation styles on the academic and behavioral development of 1st and 2 nd generation children. He has numerous national publications, presentations, and awards.

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